Certificate of Registration of DOP Producers

The Orange of Ribera D.O.P. belongs to the group of blond umbilicated oranges and enjoys the Protected Designation of Origin. The DOP (Protected Designation of Origin) mark is a designation registered with the European Community to indicate a typical Italian product of high quality, whose area of origin and the traditions still used to create it make it so peculiar that it must be protected from counterfeits.

Of all the denominations and indications present in Italy, the PDO is probably the best known and certainly the most restrictive. The PDO mark marks agricultural food products whose characteristics and quality derive exclusively from the geographical environment in which it is produced. The product must comply with certain processes and must have precise characteristics contained in the specification, which is the regulation to follow and also briefly summarizes the history of the product.

The Ribera orange has the following characteristics:

Skin color: light orange.

Surface: papillated.

Shape: from spheroidal to ovoid with navel in the apical pole of variable size.

Average weight: g. 250.

Skin: consistent.

Cloves: 11 per fruit.

Pulp: uniformly orange, coarse and tender texture, with squat trays.

Juice: abundant, light orange color, sugar / acid ratio = 12.00.

Seeds: absent.

Ripening date: medium-early from December onwards.